19 Dream Mobile Art Studios

1 of 10 20-foot shipping containers inside a warehouse that act as offices. From http://www.greatfu.com/architecture-design-home/interior-architecture-container-office-by-mvp-architect-in-santa-ana/

Some of the structures I would collect…

Alpine Capsule by Lovegrove Studio

Got to LOVE the mobile stuff <3
Trailer stuff is cool – love the fabric and how it creates a soft light.
Human powered mobile structure!
Love the sky light…
You prob need help getting in and out of this one. But how cool!
Round House!
Due to the nature of some of these structures- the ground floor of the airplane hangar will have to have to be grass… 😀
little community with a fire in the center – got to love the fire.
Visual inspiration for the larger structure. (water element)
More inspiration for the container structure.
A spiral straicase makes everything more interesting.
Camper Prototype, the Mehrzeller Polygon Trailer
From Lab Zero
Raumlabor presented a mobile, inflatable pavilion called Spacebuster in New York
Italian design brand Magis launched Villa Julia, a cardboard playhouse for children by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, in Milan.
10-by-10-foot rural structure by Casey Brown Architecture
The Verdier

There are just to many…