Sketchbooks… Can the iPad replace my scketchbook?

I have always enjoyed sketching and keeping a sketchbook. This weekend I finally put all my sketchbooks in one place… it’s like going back in time looking through them! I still keep several books going… normally about 3 at a time… and now I also have the digital iPad sketchbook plus the WordPress compilation sketchbook version. The thing I like about digital sketchbooks is that they easier to search and much easier to share.

What is special about a sketchbook? Digital or not, these portable objects get filled with information collected from observing the outside world. The books travel and develop unique characteristics as they encounter natural elements. They become abstract historical records, capturing moments in time. Flipping through the pages creates a sequence of random impressions that sometimes link together and tell a story.

These are a few of my favorite old sketchbooks.

The wall of past sketchbooks (can't see the top and bottom shelves)