She feels everything and nothing, 24×48

She feels everything and nothing, 24x48 2015
She feels everything and nothing, 24×48 2015

The painting is titled, She feels everything and nothing. The material is mostly acrylic and the size of the canvas is 24 inches tall by 48 inches long. The image is mostly symmetrical with a women looking straight out, in the center, and seen from the waist up. She is holding two flowers, one in each hand, in a balanced pose. Her face is stylized and expresses contradicting emotions of anger, sadness and contentment. On either side of the woman are two large stylized animals whose faces peak in from the edge of the canvas, as if to smell the flowers. The animals represent opposites because one is a cat and the other a dog. The colors are bright and the background of the painting sparkles with glitter.

Video of final painting