Collection of my affirmations, mantras, and prayers #truth

 I am.

I am safe and I have everything I need.

I am grounded and I am centered.

Everyone is infinite and unbounded.

I love deeply. I am in my truth.

We are all one.

I am another you.

I exercise my rights.

I drink my fill.

I am anchored in space and time.

I am present. I am loved. I am original.

It’s all going to turn out OK.

I shine my light, love, and beauty.

I relinquish all fear and regrets, I choose the miracle.

I am free and wild.

I have every day ritual and honor tradition.

I am bold. Me be bold.

I speak truth.

I am the way and the light.

I am embodied spirit expanding my soul capacity.

I am a vortex of energy.

I am grateful for…

What if… ?

My skills improve with practice.

Love is infinite.

Love is truth.

I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.

I speak with my full whole voice.

I play every day.

I am a border crossing shape shifting truth saying guide of inner worlds. I am pure energy.

I flow with the cycles in phases of change.

I serve and surf nature’s waves.

How does it feel to imagine… ?

My word is golden.

I am word.

Word I am word through the pleasure of my hearts desire.

I see fully.

Anything is possible.

I celebrate homelife.

I take great joy in the small things.

Even small things done with great love can move mountains.

I am not my thoughts.

It is done.

Repeat the good stuff.

Repeat the good stuff.

I fly far and free.

Drawing on periscope


I wish that our collective creative energy dissolve pollution and solidify opportunities for emerging generations. Awareness of art’s connection to human behavior is key for achieving epic goals like world peace.

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