Ghost dreams

Ghost parents struggling over who gets to stay to nurture the child. They switch bodies. The man is not nurturing. She is dying but after the switch the body seems restored.

Seeking to find a place in a maze like surrounding prison like place where the woman comes out to show me ghosts or creatures there

In a strange bathroom tall and white and enclosed but dark, I stand my ground to keep the ghosts out to take a peaceful bath

We travel to m and m’s new house. Drive faster they tell me. Big and full of things. She gives me a tour. M is gone, the lady of house is there. She shows me around. Leads me to a closet. I’m afraid to enter, but she convinced me it’s safe. Look at the glowing ceiling marks. Made with glow in the dark paint, thick paint. Next to it I see the work room. Full of tools. So many, like a storage room of supplies. Twenty of more cans of fertilizer. She says good for garden. She shows me the kids books. Wear is Waldo copies and looks for some missing.  As I leave there are 4 or 5 ghost children. They talk about their death a little. All eating something that had gone wrong.

Checking the bathroom. Not afraid of ghosts. New place. Moving in. Moving out

So many dead. Is he with me or not? I say I see. He is mad at my guy cuz his sister was jilted by him. They were engaged.But he changed his mind. Now he does not make promises

Was it the food? I spit the carrot out. I see the ghosts. She is there now. Organizing them to fight the bad. She said she wanted to be in charge

Talking to vampire ghost

Half possessed herself

She sees him is him and her

Half taken over

Will she survive?

A skeleton army is approaching human settlement. From tent we go into ancient fortress, but a ghost tells me it’s the skeleton army’s home base.

A small boy and his dog wander freely in the army, unnoticed. Why?

I escape with a few others to a fortress tower, abandoned by old civilization, in the middle of the lake. Here the army can approach one by one but we knock them down into the lake and they give up.

Trapped in the tower a ghost man appears and shows a mirror apparatus he used to spy on the surrounding area. Another ghost appears and opens a trap door in the floor to her room. I’m concerned it’s a tomb she might shut us in.dream drawing