“Mitra was the visual designer for the launch of iFixit 2.0, our wiki user interface. We worked together to on expanding the iFixit community to include all forms of DIY repair. She is tremendously talented, and a delight to work with.”
Kyle Wiens, iFixit + Dozuki @kwiens

“Masterful graphic artist with a deep understanding of technology and marketing. Mitra is gifted and versatile. She will enhance your brand message and help craft sensational collateral. You won’t find a more thoughtful professional with a better energy. Highly recommended!”
Justin Michael, Business Development, Lenco Mobile USA Inc.

“Mitra is a great person and highly skilled Creative Director. I worked with her for close to 2 years and she has the passion and skill to turn even the most mundane jobs into eye-catching works. She can tell a story with pictures that everyone could understand, no matter how complex the story. Her attention to detail is refreshing and her ability to manage projects successfully from start to finish was greatly appreciated. I hope to work with Mitra again in the future.”
Deon van der Vyver, VP Integration & Support, Lenco Mobile Inc.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mitra. She has a keen sense of visual aesthetics and the ability to design and present information in a clean, coherent and beautiful manner. She is detail oriented and has a firm understanding of big picture concerns that help to make her designs successful on multiple fronts. I hope to work with her again in the future.”

Ben Tempchin, Lenco Mobile USA Inc.

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