Earth and Sky Series

Being out in nature has always been a huge part of my creative process. When I was younger I thought I might become a park ranger or a biologist, geologist, or some other type of science person that got to observe nature. As an artist I do get to look at the world around me as I see it and they show that point of view in my work. Beyond the more literal observations of the world there are deeper psychological meanings to be discovered. Each person brings their own perspective and it can be helpful to have a little historical context too when looking at art about nature. Below is a short quote about the mythological meanings of earth and sky.

In comparative mythology, sky father is a term for a recurring concept of a sky god who is addressed as a “father”, often the father of a pantheon. The concept of “sky father” may also be taken to include Sun gods with similar characteristics. The concept is complementary to an “earth mother”. The Earth Mother is a motif that appears in many mythologies. The Earth Mother is a fertile goddess embodying the fertile earth and typically, the mother of other deities, and so, also are seen as patronesses of motherhood. This is generally thought of as being because the earth was seen as being the mother from whom all life sprang. – Wiki

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