Original Jewelry

I really love original jewelry. I started creating my own jewelry in my twenties. It started with a bead fascination. I love to collect original beads or silver charms when I travel – something I’ve done since I was a kid. There was something about the color and the material that is similar to the impressionistic style I love in painting. Another seductive element to jewelry design in the use of precious natural materials and their associations with energy and healing. For example there are stones that are associated with the signs of the zodiac. Also, some people attribute healing powers to stone and metals – specifically the idea of magnetized adornment. Somewhere along the way I became interested in the process of polymer clay too and collaborated with the artist Kim Jones. This material is easy to manipulate in a small studio and can be cured in a home oven. The colors available are fantastic. I also enjoyed making my own beads – including making original glass beads. I took some glass bead classes with a women in Santa Barbara named Katie Stuart.

Body Adornment from Mitra Cline on Vimeo.

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