Online Gallery

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Wow! Mermaid

Mixed Media on Polymer Clay About 5x5x10″ on Wire Stand


Mute Mermaid Couple

Two mermaids in a clay bowl, in a paper bowl, balanced on another clay bowl. Mixed Media on Polymer Clay, Paper Mache, and Air Dry Clay about 15x12x10″


Spade Mermaid Couple

Mixed Media Mermaids about 5" tall on polymer clay in 8×10″ black frame.


Serpent Encounters

Unstretched canvas painting made with acrylic and mixed media. 2x5'


Gift For You

Mixed Media on Canvas 2x4'


She Feels Everything and Nothing

Mixed media on canvas. 2x4'



Mixed Media on Canvas 2×4′


Pirate Patch

Mixed Media on Canvas 3x5.5'


Full Moon Bird

Mixed Media on Canvas 20×20" Framed


Full Moon Landscape

Mixed Media on Canvas, Framed 4x4'


Love is Free

Oil on Canvas, Framed 3x3'


Luna and Ghost

Mixed Media on Canvas, Framed 20x20'


Flower Power

Framed Mixed Media on Canvas, 2x2'


Open Door

Mixed Media on Canvas 12x12"


Abstract Plant

Mixed Media on Canvas Board, Framed 24x36"