Original Portraits

I am looking at the body as two parts. One part is temporal and the other eternal. Another way to think about that is body and soul. To expand this I research how man has tried to explain this paradox between the eternal soul and the temporal body in an academic sense with my graduate work in depth psychology. I reference religious paintings and medical books indirectly but they emerge in my art on their own. One line of research that relates to this area of work in my art practice is alchemy. It’s an ancient and rich history that spans over many cultures – all with the goal of turning lead into gold. This process can be interpreted literally as a chemical transformation but it is also symbolic of the psychological transformations we go through in our character development and more importantly the soul.  Another point of reference I look at is archeology – our attempt to make the temporal everlasting by restoring and preserving the remains of our past. It’s also about personal family history and the process of recording and memory.

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